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RenovoVita translates from latin to “the renewal of life.”

That is our passion and our purpose. To help others restore and renew their health and get closer to their dreams. For each of us to live our best life possible.

We do it with products that can sustain youth, restore cellular health and wellness, boost immunity and extend life. We do it with our “anything is possible” culture and training methods. We do it with our product distribution opportunity that can regenerate your earning power and revitalize your lifestyle.

Our Vision & Culture

Linda Baer and Brent Payne came together with a vision:

We saw that combining our expertise in health education and personal development would lead people to happier and healthier lifestyles. We realized that sharing our mutual affinity for cellular health, financial freedom and endless adventure would allow anyone to become the best version of themselves.

RenovoVita was born. The name literally means Renewal of Life.

Linda and Brent are no strangers to success, both founding and running multimillion dollar companies. Linda took a small physician education company from $240,000 in annual revenue, when she joined as a full equity partner, to conducting over 50,000 educational programs with an annual revenue of $28 million. Brent grew a start-up direct sales company from 12 people to over $100 million dollars per year operating in over 130 countries around the globe. Combining their professional business sense with an innate passion for making a positive difference, Brent and Linda founded RenovoVita to help people live life to the fullest.

What would be possible if the people around you refused to let you fail? Thatʼs the culture and community these two are creating.

“We stand for better health, better relationships, achieving goals, creating time freedom and giving people the opportunity to make more money than they may believe possible. We want you living in the now, always present and purpose driven. Giving up is not in our vocabulary. As a group, as a community, we will succeed.”

To that end we embrace a culture where we:

Invest in positive people who support our goals. With RenovoVita you are surrounded by those who challenge you, support you and help you move forward powerfully.

Persist—despite the odds, the naysayers and the obstacles. We donʼt take “no” or an answer if itʼs something weʼre passionate about. We persist until we get what we desire.

Encourage the Power of Now, by taking massive action that moves you closer to your goals and values. Push yourself right now! You might as well start somewhere and it might as well be now!

Lifestyle Rewards

There are lots of reasons RenovoVita has become known as the Opportunity of a Lifetime.

To stay strong and live long.
To be part of a supportive community.
To achieve financial security.

Still, Lifestyle Rewards are what set us apart.

Nothing combines camaraderie and a shared sense of community like RenovoVita Events.

There’s even more thrills in store with our Leadership Incentives. Step up among your peers and you’re awarded with exclusive perks and tailor-made side trips that become a peak experience of a lifetime.

From zip-lining past lions at South Africa’s Palace of the Lost City

To traversing the Harbour Bridge over Sydney

Flying choppers over the lava fields of Haleakala

Climbing the ancient Mayan Pyramids of Chichen-Itza

Get fired up!

Everyday you can expect something new from the RenovoVita interactive center. Fun and informative podcasts featuring interviews and special guests, Facebook Watch parties, musical surprises, personal testimonials, blog posts, enlightening training and even those occasional inspirational diversions.

You’ll make friends for life and never stop talking about the lifestyle-defining quests that have become our trademark.

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